History of the Goodwill Ship

Domataland GW Ship for FB

Domataland’s Goodwill Ship

The Goodwill Ship is an ancient sailing vessel that serves as the flagship of the nation of Domataland.  The history of the ship is long and rich.  It began its life of service as a warship called “Red in the Sea” and saw action in many age-old battles.  Then technology advanced, and the grand old vessel no longer posed a military threat.  Rather than sending the ship into retirement, the Domataree leadership changed the vessel’s purpose from war to hope.  History has lost just who coined the name “Goodwill Ship,” but the term stuck.  Many times over the ages, the sitting king or president has dispatched the Goodwill Ship into enemy waters to transport diplomats or other Domataree emissaries on missions of peace.  Domataree leaders have also sent the ship to allies in distress.  Whenever it sails, the Goodwill Ship reveals to the world the government’s position on a conflict and Domataland’s willingness to defend a friendly society or cause.

At the start of the Toxic Sphere series, Domataland had just recently sent the vessel into international waters near the allied region of Bakhadaland.  When that happened, Cadona and the rest of the world knew Domataland meant to protect the Bakhadaree people from Izvyona, Bakhadaland’s neighbor to the west.


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