Maps — The Primary Hemisphere

[Data as of year 1007 of the Enlightened Epoch (EE)]
Map - Primary Hemispher Color for WEB Reszied



  • Population:  1,998,000,000
  • Capital:  Cadona City

Map - Cadona For WEB

Legend - Cadona National Map



  • Population:  780,000,000
  • Capital:  Ver-Nuvelin

Map - Domataland for WEB

Legend - Domataland National Map______________________________________________________________

Izvyona and Bakhadaland

  • Population:  122,000,000
    • Izvyona Mainland:          70,000,000
    • Bakhadaland Region:      52,000,000
  • Capital:  Villyana

NOTE:  Bakhadaland Region considers itself an independent nation and names Satur its capital. 
Only Domataland, Fletchia, and a handful of other nations recognize Bakhadaland’s independence. 

Map - Izvyona and Back for WEB

Legend - Izvyona Bakh National Map


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