The Toxic Sphere Saga

Our Goodwill Ship                                                         Liars and Defilers

Toxic Sphere, Volume 1: Our Goodwill Ship, introduces the fictional world.  It begins in a time of economic collapse, overpopulation, and scarcity of resources.  Despite a crumbling economy, the mighty nation of Cadona is close to perfecting the most powerful weapon ever created: Toxic Sphere.  Amid growing chaos, political and religious leaders with ill intent scheme to take power by unconstitutional means.  Their actions send ripples around the world, shattering the lives of ordinary people in distant lands as well as at home.  Then, in a twist of events, a package filled with dark secrets finds its way to a lonely, young Cadonan woman.  The fate of her nation is now in her hands.

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The saga continues in Toxic Sphere, Volume 2: Liars and Defilers. In Cadona, evil leaders continue their rise to power. These mighty men manipulate world events in order to achieve their goal of world dominance. They will use any tool, even lies and war, to secure Cadona’s place as the world’s ruling nation. The new president of Domataland understands the threat that Cadona poses to his country. He and his staff make plans to counter Cadona’s offensive moves, but Cadona is better at the game. Cadona encourages a warlike ally to launch an attack in eastern Bakhadaland, and a world braces for battle. Despite the danger, brave Cadonan citizens find the courage to stand against their new, ruthless leaders. At the center of this struggle is a young woman who possesses a strange package that is destined to decide the fate of Cadona and the world.

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One thought on “The Toxic Sphere Saga

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